Khelb's Legacy

A lucky gamble!

With the mad dwarf prisonner, and its silver crown recovered, the group tries to make the most of it negotiating with Gendar.

But the discussion with Gendar turns sour, and suddenly Garrel Kai unleashes his bodyguard on the drow. A tough fight ensues, but multiple critical early give them an edge. Despite the attack of Kruthik watchdogs, the group manage to kill the drow and the Kruthiks (not a small feat, the drow was 10 levels above theirs), but Unsung is killed in the process.

With Gendar gone, they can loot the most valuable items for the shop, and return to House Azaer base.

News of Gendar demise starts to spread in 7 pillars, and soon the mage themselves start to take notice. Questions are asked, and half truce are said.

In Gendar’s papers, the group found reference to a large payment of 250.000 gp expected by someone named Paldemar, seemingly somehow connected to the Mage of Sarrunn Bronze warders. Without much details, Garrel Kai gambles information away without finding the proper edge.

The mage suspecting his involvement in gendar’s demise soon attribute Gendar’s business to the Duergars instead of House Azaer.

In the meantime, the group find more information about Paldemar. he used to have goods shipped down in the underdark, and the group locate one of the caravan drivers living in one of the troglodyte habitation in 7 pillars. A “misunderstood threat” from Varroon provokes a face-off with brugg’s enforcers but ultimately the caravan driver take them to where Paldemar got deliveries of good weeks ago (after allegedly – from gendar’s documents- receiving 250.000 gp from drows to engineer a way to control the bronze warders to their benefit and to be used in some plot involving a city named maerymidra)

Investigating the area, the adventurer find a secret entrance to a new area. They have found the basement of what later turn out to be a temple of Vecna. Guarded by strange magic pillars and Norkers, the group lack of coordination create a dangerous situation, and they have to retreat hastily. Garrel_kai is left unconscious behinf, falling into the mysterious hand of the Norkers and their possible master, Paldemar.

The group then decides to head back to Silverymoon, and not stay any longer in 7 pillars hall where theses last days action seem to have stirred a dangerous situation.



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