Khelb's Legacy

Back to Silverymoon

The group heads back to silverymoon. Keeping a low profile on their actions in 7 pillars, they learn that the dwarves Kneecap Buster, Bjarni and Fulgrum have left for Citadel Adbar two days earlier, with the sword Mirthuvial and obviously to recover the crown Couleuvrine

The group’s contact in Silverymoon have been tainted by this split, and it seems the influence of the Paladin may have finally drawn the two other dwarves away from the group. Certainly Bjarni has expressed being uncomfortable with what had happened in Galleway and the half truth told.

The two dwarven soldiers (freed from the orc slavers in the chamber of the eye) have gone back to their family, and welcome Grat as their savior, allowing him to maintain a direct link with the Church of Moradin that neither Varroon nor Malaggar can claim anymore.

The group is now also looking for reinforcement, and Orilo (A goliath Warden) and Fangtooth ( a Shaman shifter) are recruited in the group.

Varroon contacts Garrel-Kai uncle and informs him of the passing of his nephew and the situation in 7 pillars. he then asks for work, especially works that would involve traveling east through the mountain. After one day, the uncle offers varroon a mission to deliver goods to Sundabar. These goods are “discreetly moved” (or smuggled) out of SIlverymoon under cover of the fog.

In exchange for 400 gp paid on delivery these goods are to be delivered to Bephohud at Sundabar, and a shipment is to be brought back from there, for an extra 1000 gp.

As soon as the Genasi guard have left, the group investigate the 7 crates and 2 barrels, finding only rock to be carried over the mounntain pass (reputed for being dangerous at this time of year- mid Autumn)

The group heads Eat. The first night of camping out, wolves attack, and 3 horses are lost in the fog. The group decides to stops at Khelb for the next night.



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