Khelb's Legacy

into 7 pillars

Garrel-Kai is the nephew of Lord Azaer, who has a trading post in 7 Pillars. The characters visit the place and discover the main shops, inns, as well as the law in place, represented by the Ogre Brugg.

Well connected within 7 Pillars, Garrel-Kai helps the party in their search for the missing dwarves and the Orc Warband, and provides a base of operation.

After some research, they finally get wind of an orc group called the Bloodreavers, living in the Chamber of the Eyes, that may match the description of the warband they tracked in the silver marches above.

They also question the drow Gendar in his shop. He is looking for a silver crown, and is ready to trade or sell information. Curious about Pedestal, the group asks Gendar if he knows the location of the city, and Gendar agrees for a fee that he can get them a map to Pedestal from 7 pillars, which would not require going through Citadel Adbar.

The group decides to pursue the chamber of the eye lead, and soon find the place. some fighting happens and the group is manages to take down tow rooms one after the other, but then get stuck in a third room, surprised by the return of an orcish patrol to their lair. As the alert spreads through the orc complex, they manage to remain un-noticed for a while, before having to go through a serious fight.

They finally find some dwarven prisoners, but no Fulgrum or Bjarni, and they learn that Kneecap Buster escaped through a pit in the floor. None of the prisoners know if he really made it or not. Hearing more reinforcement coming from the entrance, the group decides to try to use the same exit, and follow Kneecap trail down a deep pit, and into a lower cavern. The free the dwarves and take them with them, but in the lower cavern one “accidentally” dies (i.e. get killed for the benefit of the group) while the group fight blue slimes monsters.

After defeating the slime, the group follow the bloody trail left by Kneecap buster, and find a starnge dwarven mining post of rag-tag miners and a seemingly mad dwarf with a silver crown. This is the dwarf that Gendar is looking for, and he seems mad, digging and looking for “the one with eyes”, or “the true path below”.... His cronies are subjugated, but the party handles the talk smoothly and no fight erupts. They are soon on their way.. Kneecap Buster had promised them to send more dwarves, Grat promised them to bring back his girl friend… Of course, they let them go with that promise, and the dwarf cronies bring them back to the surface. They end up close by the the entrance of the Minotaur’s gate, not far from where Bjarni and Fulgrum where standing watch.

In the vale, near the minotaur’s gate entrance, a contingent of Dwarven soldiers have established a blockade. Investigating their presence, the group finds out from the dwarven commander that Kneecap Buster found Fuldrum and Bjarni, and they took him back to Silverymoon, then sent the contingent here, reporting the orc raids to kidnap people.

Garrel Kai becomes concerned with his business, and informs the dwarves of the existance of 7 pillars (to the surprise of the commander, who had never heard of it). When they come back to the trading post, rumors of the blackade have already surfaced…

After some hesitations, the group realize the mad dwarf can earn them some money from Gendar. Knowing his location, they head back to the mining spot, and in dashing operation, they manage to snatch him in front of his croonies, and leave. They bring him back to their base of opeartion in 7 pillars.



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