Khelb's Legacy

The Story so far...

Journal from the Silver Marches

Varroon, Bjarni, Fulgrum, Perrin, Grat, Lokius

A group of Adventurer get involved with something big when their plan to attend a friend family’s funeral in the village of Khelb goes awry. When reaching the village ok Khelb, 20 miles East of Silverymoon, they learn Bjarni’s surrogate’s family has been missing for two days, and two militia did not come back from the cemetery when they investigated the issue. Villagers are scared, adventurers step in!

They discover that the funerarium under the mausoleum in the cemetery has been pillaged, and the family slaughtered or/and turned into undeads. A pillaging party seems to have entered the tomb, and discovered and bypassed old magical defenses.

Following the trail, the adventurers go deeper in the tomb, fighting hobgoblins, dangerous traps, finding a mysterious letter of credits for 500gp to be redeemed in a city named Pedestal, defeating deadly tomb spider, and finally finding clues after clues that the raiding party numbers are getting thiner and thiner as they are going deeper into the tomb. They have entered an older tomb, the tomb of a local hero named Khelb, founder of the village of the same name. In hot pursuit of the raiding party, the group finally finds the real tomb, within an Earth node’s cavern, the true resting place of Khelb and his wife.

No remaining raiders are to be found though, as they seemingly used the power of the Earth node to teleport away, not without taking some of the most precious items buried there, and leaving behind them a few accomplice like the rogue Leera and a strange coin marked with a serpent’s eye that burns Grat’s palm, when in true dwarven fashion he tries to go for the gold first.

The sword Mirthuvial has not been stolen though, and some magic left it half buried in the stone of the Stalagmite, like an Excalibur waiting for its Arthur!

Bjarni becomes the sword bearer, and Khelb’s Spirit demands the retrieval of the stolen Crown Couleuvrine on peril of disturbing the Balance.

On their way back to the surface, thre group investigate some room thay have bypassed on the way down. Perrin the halfling is killed, and his body left behind as the group precipitously leave the dangerous place.

After coming back to the surface, trouble awaits in Khelb as other militia have been attacked and killed during the night, while the adventurers where chasing raiders down below. Furthermore, Bjarni’s aunt has been nowhere to be found. Patrolling the village, while Grat takes a “much needed night of sleep” in a hay barn, the adventurers meet Bjarni’s aunt, and she lead them straight into an ambush in the middle of the night. Fight ensues, and goblins are killed, while others flee. The aunt is rescued, and she was the unwilling pawn of the Barghest evil domination powers…

Varroon, Bjarni, Fulgrum, Grat, Lokius, Malaggar

Regrouping and hunting the goblins, the party then find out that a barghest, a creature half wolf half goblin, of unknown origin is behing the attacks, harassing the village. The adventurer defeat the menace, with the help of Malaggar, a Drow that has fled the underdark, and has chosen to live in cavern around Khelb, helping a mushroom grower’s family.

But in Khelb, words have spread up until Silverymoon of the discovery of the Tomb of Khelb’s. Militia from Silverymoon come to investigate. Protecting the information regarding the magical sword they found, the group manages to keep a low profile, at least toward the general populace.

The village’s council is fully informed, and worries about the consequences of this discovery on their trade, and the quietness of the village itself. For decades, Khelb has grown to be a major food supplier for Silverymoon, without suffering much of the dangers that the region of Silver Marches is known for. Some are saying the Balance of Khelb was the protection, and it may now be gone…

With the Drow Malaggar befriended, and joining the group, the party heads back to Silverymoon to do some research. They do lose track of Leera though, who apparently chose to disappear and head to Silverymoon. Her story was that she has been involved in the raiding party through her boyfriend (found dead int he tomb), and did not realize she was going to work for a sinister man named Xeron, who had a full raiding party organized to enter the tomb. Leera was left for dead when she fell in a trap that she failed to detect, but the party found her and healed her, getting some information on the raiding party in the process.



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