Khelb's Legacy

Lokius last moments...

The knights in Silver have sent a patrol to protect the village from further attacks, and the adventurers directly head to the evermoor and the rocky crag lair. Here, they discover a part of the lair they did not visit the first time, an underground temple to Yeenoghu.. Unhappily the lair is now deserted.

But good tracking and some luck get them back onto the trail of the remaining gnolls. They have hunkered down in another smaller cavern a few miles North. A fight ensue, the gnoll fighting with a demonic hyena that have the face of the deceased ranger from Galleway (yes, the sacrifice had the time to be completed to summon this demon…). The group dispatch the gnolls warriors and the Hyena, but get badly wounded, much like the remaining gnoll demonist. They try to use a lull in the combat to rest, but the last gnoll decides to make a run for it. Lokius get killed in attempting to prevent the escape, but the rest of the group finally kill the beast.

The group then decides to head back to the Minotaur’s gate and pursue the orcs to rescue the Paladin of Moradin.

Varroon, Grat, Malaggar, Garrel-Kai, Unsung

Back to the Minotaur’s Gate, Fulgrum and Bjarni are nowhere to be found, and a few traces of blood can be found in the area where they had been left standing watch over the Minotaur’s gate.

As the group ponders its next action, a Genasi rider escorted by a warfoged barbarian appear int he valley, heading toward the gate. The group hides, but not well enough and the rider call them out. Garel-Kai is a merchant going from silverymoon to his merchant outpost in a place called 7 pillars. Unsung is his bodyguard. He explains to the group that there is a small trading post there, overseen by the Mages of Saarrunn where some trading is being done between the surface and the underdark.

The group decides to investigate the place, in the hope also to find the orcs and/or what happened to their friends.



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