Khelb's Legacy

Research in Silverymoon

The groups head to Silverymmon to research about Khelb and the sword they found. Malaggar decided to stay off the city walls, as Drow may not be well received in this part-elven city.

While Grat avoids stumbling on his ex-girl friend (the one that was starting to talk about having children, which prompted him to leave fast..), Varoon operates to rasie awareness of the new adventuring company, while doing some research.

The quickly find out the history around Mirthuvial, and confirm some fo the knowledge acquired while visiting Khelb’s tomb, but they also find out a map referencing the underdark city of Pedestal. This map has been drawn from the starting point of Citadel Adbar by a dwarven caravan master.

After a few days resting and re-equiping, the party then get in touch with the Church of Moradin and the Military command of the Knights in Silver. The post of Commander in chief is currently vacant, and it seems that the leading officer is already acting to find the sword for his own political benefit, demanding the Church of Moradin for its whereabouts (the word got out from Khelb that the party included a cleric of Moradin Bjarni. Uncertain of the political motivation of this officer, the group decides to help another high ranking officer instead, Taern Hornblade.

After some discussions, a deal is reached with Taern, and he offers a hefty sum of 50.000 gp to the adventuring company in exchange for the return of Khelb’s artefacts to his own political benefit and to restore Khelb’s Balance, whatever it means. The group accepts the deal.

Before tackling the trip to Pedestal in the Underdark, the group decides to look for some work, and get sent by Taern to investigate some disturbance south west, in a village named Galleway, one day away from Silverymoon, in the Silverwoods, near the border of the Evermoors.



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