Khelb's Legacy

To Galleway....

The party (minus Malaggar) heads down to Galleway and discover that the whole sheep herd has been stolen during a previous night. The villagers are mainly herders, and the village survives on a bunch of craggy hills overlooking the Evermoors. A retired adventurer, ranger, also has disappeared.

The adventurers follow the herd tracks a few miles into the evermoor, to a rock outcropping guarded by some gnolls. Fight ensue and the gnolls sentinels are dispatched. There is a tribe leaving in caverns below the outcropping, and it seem they have put the herd into a large cavern and are proceeding to sacrifice them one after the other, pouring their blood into some hole ont he floor. When the adventurers arrive, the herd has already been depleted by 30%. The adventurers then enter the cavern complex and defeat the gnolls in there. Some gnolls manage to escape and run to the Evermoors, triggering a chase that splits the party.

Lokius and Grat decides to discreetly abandon the chase, and go back in the lair to round up the remaining herd while the others are off chasing the fleeing gnolls, and bring them back to Galleway for some hard cash (fearing that the good natured side of Bjarni and Fulgrum prevent such cash reward to be requested)

After difficultly herding the remaining sheep back to Galleway, they get their/the party’s monetary reward and go back to the outcropping to find the others when they come back from their chase.

Using some half truthes , Lokius and Grat convince the others that they have fully visited the lair, did not find anything remaining there, got the sheep flock back safely to Galleway and that the mission is over. Convinced, the group decides to head back to Silverymoon, regroup with Malagar and resume their quest for Khelb’s relics from there.



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