Khelb's Legacy

Where lies can bite back...

Back in Silverymoon, the group prepare themselves for the bigger expedition. Fulgrum is knighted in the Knights in Silver honor. But the next day, bad news comes to the party. Taern Hornblade, who sent them to Galleway, learned that the village has been raided during the night and villagers have been killed by gnolls assisted by a demonic hyena-like creature… It seems like a retaliation to the raid on their lair, and the party is blamed for it.

In the meantime, while some in the party where busy training and preparing, Malaggar was scouting this new countryside, and stumbles on a large orc warband’s tracks leading to a stone building by the mountain. Fetching part of the company, some of the group head that way to investigate and find out that a dwarven monastery of Moradin is being raided by a strong Orc warband.

Instead of favoring sneakiness and investigation, the group lead by Lokius boldly confront the Orcs heads on. The Orc leader sneers at Lokius demand to surrender and regroup the warband. It then become obvious that the party has no choices left but to flee quickly… the orcs do not pursue, and the party decides to settles around and observe what happens next. Later during the day, the orc band leaves the premises, leaving no survivors behind. During the night, the party visit the building, finding it plundered as well as desecrated. They also attract the unwanted attention of an ettin. They manage to not get killed by the giant, using the enclosing walls to their advantage, and finally lure him away from them…

Reporting back to Silverymoon, and to the Church of Moradin, the party soon learns that a group of dwarves led by a Paladin of Moradin (Kneecap Buster) was investigating the disappearance of farmers around Silverymoon. The paladin, and his soldiers were not found amongst the dead dwarves, and thus probably taken prisoners by the orcs.

At the same time, Varroon offers to Taern Hornblade that looks pretty angry at the party to finish the job they had started in Galleway, and find the remaining Gnolls, to get rid of their menace once and for all, as well as get some credit back for the adventuring company. He also manages to make a deal with the Church of Moradin for the safe return of their Paladin.

The group decision is to first follow the Orc’s war party tracks while it is still fresh, and then head back to the Gnoll lair. The Orc tracks lead straigth to a small valley in the Neither Mountain ending with a huge portal entrance to the Underdark, a gate once named the Minoraur’s gate. Obviously, orcs are using this place to enter and leave the underdarks, and they have disappeared below the mountain.

Fulgrum and Bjarni decides to keep watch on the entrance while the rest of the group heads back to Galleway.



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