Khelb's Legacy

Back to Silverymoon

The group heads back to silverymoon. Keeping a low profile on their actions in 7 pillars, they learn that the dwarves Kneecap Buster, Bjarni and Fulgrum have left for Citadel Adbar two days earlier, with the sword Mirthuvial and obviously to recover the crown Couleuvrine

The group’s contact in Silverymoon have been tainted by this split, and it seems the influence of the Paladin may have finally drawn the two other dwarves away from the group. Certainly Bjarni has expressed being uncomfortable with what had happened in Galleway and the half truth told.

The two dwarven soldiers (freed from the orc slavers in the chamber of the eye) have gone back to their family, and welcome Grat as their savior, allowing him to maintain a direct link with the Church of Moradin that neither Varroon nor Malaggar can claim anymore.

The group is now also looking for reinforcement, and Orilo (A goliath Warden) and Fangtooth ( a Shaman shifter) are recruited in the group.

Varroon contacts Garrel-Kai uncle and informs him of the passing of his nephew and the situation in 7 pillars. he then asks for work, especially works that would involve traveling east through the mountain. After one day, the uncle offers varroon a mission to deliver goods to Sundabar. These goods are “discreetly moved” (or smuggled) out of SIlverymoon under cover of the fog.

In exchange for 400 gp paid on delivery these goods are to be delivered to Bephohud at Sundabar, and a shipment is to be brought back from there, for an extra 1000 gp.

As soon as the Genasi guard have left, the group investigate the 7 crates and 2 barrels, finding only rock to be carried over the mounntain pass (reputed for being dangerous at this time of year- mid Autumn)

The group heads Eat. The first night of camping out, wolves attack, and 3 horses are lost in the fog. The group decides to stops at Khelb for the next night.

A lucky gamble!

With the mad dwarf prisonner, and its silver crown recovered, the group tries to make the most of it negotiating with Gendar.

But the discussion with Gendar turns sour, and suddenly Garrel Kai unleashes his bodyguard on the drow. A tough fight ensues, but multiple critical early give them an edge. Despite the attack of Kruthik watchdogs, the group manage to kill the drow and the Kruthiks (not a small feat, the drow was 10 levels above theirs), but Unsung is killed in the process.

With Gendar gone, they can loot the most valuable items for the shop, and return to House Azaer base.

News of Gendar demise starts to spread in 7 pillars, and soon the mage themselves start to take notice. Questions are asked, and half truce are said.

In Gendar’s papers, the group found reference to a large payment of 250.000 gp expected by someone named Paldemar, seemingly somehow connected to the Mage of Sarrunn Bronze warders. Without much details, Garrel Kai gambles information away without finding the proper edge.

The mage suspecting his involvement in gendar’s demise soon attribute Gendar’s business to the Duergars instead of House Azaer.

In the meantime, the group find more information about Paldemar. he used to have goods shipped down in the underdark, and the group locate one of the caravan drivers living in one of the troglodyte habitation in 7 pillars. A “misunderstood threat” from Varroon provokes a face-off with brugg’s enforcers but ultimately the caravan driver take them to where Paldemar got deliveries of good weeks ago (after allegedly – from gendar’s documents- receiving 250.000 gp from drows to engineer a way to control the bronze warders to their benefit and to be used in some plot involving a city named maerymidra)

Investigating the area, the adventurer find a secret entrance to a new area. They have found the basement of what later turn out to be a temple of Vecna. Guarded by strange magic pillars and Norkers, the group lack of coordination create a dangerous situation, and they have to retreat hastily. Garrel_kai is left unconscious behinf, falling into the mysterious hand of the Norkers and their possible master, Paldemar.

The group then decides to head back to Silverymoon, and not stay any longer in 7 pillars hall where theses last days action seem to have stirred a dangerous situation.

into 7 pillars

Garrel-Kai is the nephew of Lord Azaer, who has a trading post in 7 Pillars. The characters visit the place and discover the main shops, inns, as well as the law in place, represented by the Ogre Brugg.

Well connected within 7 Pillars, Garrel-Kai helps the party in their search for the missing dwarves and the Orc Warband, and provides a base of operation.

After some research, they finally get wind of an orc group called the Bloodreavers, living in the Chamber of the Eyes, that may match the description of the warband they tracked in the silver marches above.

They also question the drow Gendar in his shop. He is looking for a silver crown, and is ready to trade or sell information. Curious about Pedestal, the group asks Gendar if he knows the location of the city, and Gendar agrees for a fee that he can get them a map to Pedestal from 7 pillars, which would not require going through Citadel Adbar.

The group decides to pursue the chamber of the eye lead, and soon find the place. some fighting happens and the group is manages to take down tow rooms one after the other, but then get stuck in a third room, surprised by the return of an orcish patrol to their lair. As the alert spreads through the orc complex, they manage to remain un-noticed for a while, before having to go through a serious fight.

They finally find some dwarven prisoners, but no Fulgrum or Bjarni, and they learn that Kneecap Buster escaped through a pit in the floor. None of the prisoners know if he really made it or not. Hearing more reinforcement coming from the entrance, the group decides to try to use the same exit, and follow Kneecap trail down a deep pit, and into a lower cavern. The free the dwarves and take them with them, but in the lower cavern one “accidentally” dies (i.e. get killed for the benefit of the group) while the group fight blue slimes monsters.

After defeating the slime, the group follow the bloody trail left by Kneecap buster, and find a starnge dwarven mining post of rag-tag miners and a seemingly mad dwarf with a silver crown. This is the dwarf that Gendar is looking for, and he seems mad, digging and looking for “the one with eyes”, or “the true path below”.... His cronies are subjugated, but the party handles the talk smoothly and no fight erupts. They are soon on their way.. Kneecap Buster had promised them to send more dwarves, Grat promised them to bring back his girl friend… Of course, they let them go with that promise, and the dwarf cronies bring them back to the surface. They end up close by the the entrance of the Minotaur’s gate, not far from where Bjarni and Fulgrum where standing watch.

In the vale, near the minotaur’s gate entrance, a contingent of Dwarven soldiers have established a blockade. Investigating their presence, the group finds out from the dwarven commander that Kneecap Buster found Fuldrum and Bjarni, and they took him back to Silverymoon, then sent the contingent here, reporting the orc raids to kidnap people.

Garrel Kai becomes concerned with his business, and informs the dwarves of the existance of 7 pillars (to the surprise of the commander, who had never heard of it). When they come back to the trading post, rumors of the blackade have already surfaced…

After some hesitations, the group realize the mad dwarf can earn them some money from Gendar. Knowing his location, they head back to the mining spot, and in dashing operation, they manage to snatch him in front of his croonies, and leave. They bring him back to their base of opeartion in 7 pillars.

Lokius last moments...

The knights in Silver have sent a patrol to protect the village from further attacks, and the adventurers directly head to the evermoor and the rocky crag lair. Here, they discover a part of the lair they did not visit the first time, an underground temple to Yeenoghu.. Unhappily the lair is now deserted.

But good tracking and some luck get them back onto the trail of the remaining gnolls. They have hunkered down in another smaller cavern a few miles North. A fight ensue, the gnoll fighting with a demonic hyena that have the face of the deceased ranger from Galleway (yes, the sacrifice had the time to be completed to summon this demon…). The group dispatch the gnolls warriors and the Hyena, but get badly wounded, much like the remaining gnoll demonist. They try to use a lull in the combat to rest, but the last gnoll decides to make a run for it. Lokius get killed in attempting to prevent the escape, but the rest of the group finally kill the beast.

The group then decides to head back to the Minotaur’s gate and pursue the orcs to rescue the Paladin of Moradin.

Varroon, Grat, Malaggar, Garrel-Kai, Unsung

Back to the Minotaur’s Gate, Fulgrum and Bjarni are nowhere to be found, and a few traces of blood can be found in the area where they had been left standing watch over the Minotaur’s gate.

As the group ponders its next action, a Genasi rider escorted by a warfoged barbarian appear int he valley, heading toward the gate. The group hides, but not well enough and the rider call them out. Garel-Kai is a merchant going from silverymoon to his merchant outpost in a place called 7 pillars. Unsung is his bodyguard. He explains to the group that there is a small trading post there, overseen by the Mages of Saarrunn where some trading is being done between the surface and the underdark.

The group decides to investigate the place, in the hope also to find the orcs and/or what happened to their friends.

Where lies can bite back...

Back in Silverymoon, the group prepare themselves for the bigger expedition. Fulgrum is knighted in the Knights in Silver honor. But the next day, bad news comes to the party. Taern Hornblade, who sent them to Galleway, learned that the village has been raided during the night and villagers have been killed by gnolls assisted by a demonic hyena-like creature… It seems like a retaliation to the raid on their lair, and the party is blamed for it.

In the meantime, while some in the party where busy training and preparing, Malaggar was scouting this new countryside, and stumbles on a large orc warband’s tracks leading to a stone building by the mountain. Fetching part of the company, some of the group head that way to investigate and find out that a dwarven monastery of Moradin is being raided by a strong Orc warband.

Instead of favoring sneakiness and investigation, the group lead by Lokius boldly confront the Orcs heads on. The Orc leader sneers at Lokius demand to surrender and regroup the warband. It then become obvious that the party has no choices left but to flee quickly… the orcs do not pursue, and the party decides to settles around and observe what happens next. Later during the day, the orc band leaves the premises, leaving no survivors behind. During the night, the party visit the building, finding it plundered as well as desecrated. They also attract the unwanted attention of an ettin. They manage to not get killed by the giant, using the enclosing walls to their advantage, and finally lure him away from them…

Reporting back to Silverymoon, and to the Church of Moradin, the party soon learns that a group of dwarves led by a Paladin of Moradin (Kneecap Buster) was investigating the disappearance of farmers around Silverymoon. The paladin, and his soldiers were not found amongst the dead dwarves, and thus probably taken prisoners by the orcs.

At the same time, Varroon offers to Taern Hornblade that looks pretty angry at the party to finish the job they had started in Galleway, and find the remaining Gnolls, to get rid of their menace once and for all, as well as get some credit back for the adventuring company. He also manages to make a deal with the Church of Moradin for the safe return of their Paladin.

The group decision is to first follow the Orc’s war party tracks while it is still fresh, and then head back to the Gnoll lair. The Orc tracks lead straigth to a small valley in the Neither Mountain ending with a huge portal entrance to the Underdark, a gate once named the Minoraur’s gate. Obviously, orcs are using this place to enter and leave the underdarks, and they have disappeared below the mountain.

Fulgrum and Bjarni decides to keep watch on the entrance while the rest of the group heads back to Galleway.

To Galleway....

The party (minus Malaggar) heads down to Galleway and discover that the whole sheep herd has been stolen during a previous night. The villagers are mainly herders, and the village survives on a bunch of craggy hills overlooking the Evermoors. A retired adventurer, ranger, also has disappeared.

The adventurers follow the herd tracks a few miles into the evermoor, to a rock outcropping guarded by some gnolls. Fight ensue and the gnolls sentinels are dispatched. There is a tribe leaving in caverns below the outcropping, and it seem they have put the herd into a large cavern and are proceeding to sacrifice them one after the other, pouring their blood into some hole ont he floor. When the adventurers arrive, the herd has already been depleted by 30%. The adventurers then enter the cavern complex and defeat the gnolls in there. Some gnolls manage to escape and run to the Evermoors, triggering a chase that splits the party.

Lokius and Grat decides to discreetly abandon the chase, and go back in the lair to round up the remaining herd while the others are off chasing the fleeing gnolls, and bring them back to Galleway for some hard cash (fearing that the good natured side of Bjarni and Fulgrum prevent such cash reward to be requested)

After difficultly herding the remaining sheep back to Galleway, they get their/the party’s monetary reward and go back to the outcropping to find the others when they come back from their chase.

Using some half truthes , Lokius and Grat convince the others that they have fully visited the lair, did not find anything remaining there, got the sheep flock back safely to Galleway and that the mission is over. Convinced, the group decides to head back to Silverymoon, regroup with Malagar and resume their quest for Khelb’s relics from there.

Research in Silverymoon

The groups head to Silverymmon to research about Khelb and the sword they found. Malaggar decided to stay off the city walls, as Drow may not be well received in this part-elven city.

While Grat avoids stumbling on his ex-girl friend (the one that was starting to talk about having children, which prompted him to leave fast..), Varoon operates to rasie awareness of the new adventuring company, while doing some research.

The quickly find out the history around Mirthuvial, and confirm some fo the knowledge acquired while visiting Khelb’s tomb, but they also find out a map referencing the underdark city of Pedestal. This map has been drawn from the starting point of Citadel Adbar by a dwarven caravan master.

After a few days resting and re-equiping, the party then get in touch with the Church of Moradin and the Military command of the Knights in Silver. The post of Commander in chief is currently vacant, and it seems that the leading officer is already acting to find the sword for his own political benefit, demanding the Church of Moradin for its whereabouts (the word got out from Khelb that the party included a cleric of Moradin Bjarni. Uncertain of the political motivation of this officer, the group decides to help another high ranking officer instead, Taern Hornblade.

After some discussions, a deal is reached with Taern, and he offers a hefty sum of 50.000 gp to the adventuring company in exchange for the return of Khelb’s artefacts to his own political benefit and to restore Khelb’s Balance, whatever it means. The group accepts the deal.

Before tackling the trip to Pedestal in the Underdark, the group decides to look for some work, and get sent by Taern to investigate some disturbance south west, in a village named Galleway, one day away from Silverymoon, in the Silverwoods, near the border of the Evermoors.

The Story so far...
Journal from the Silver Marches

Varroon, Bjarni, Fulgrum, Perrin, Grat, Lokius

A group of Adventurer get involved with something big when their plan to attend a friend family’s funeral in the village of Khelb goes awry. When reaching the village ok Khelb, 20 miles East of Silverymoon, they learn Bjarni’s surrogate’s family has been missing for two days, and two militia did not come back from the cemetery when they investigated the issue. Villagers are scared, adventurers step in!

They discover that the funerarium under the mausoleum in the cemetery has been pillaged, and the family slaughtered or/and turned into undeads. A pillaging party seems to have entered the tomb, and discovered and bypassed old magical defenses.

Following the trail, the adventurers go deeper in the tomb, fighting hobgoblins, dangerous traps, finding a mysterious letter of credits for 500gp to be redeemed in a city named Pedestal, defeating deadly tomb spider, and finally finding clues after clues that the raiding party numbers are getting thiner and thiner as they are going deeper into the tomb. They have entered an older tomb, the tomb of a local hero named Khelb, founder of the village of the same name. In hot pursuit of the raiding party, the group finally finds the real tomb, within an Earth node’s cavern, the true resting place of Khelb and his wife.

No remaining raiders are to be found though, as they seemingly used the power of the Earth node to teleport away, not without taking some of the most precious items buried there, and leaving behind them a few accomplice like the rogue Leera and a strange coin marked with a serpent’s eye that burns Grat’s palm, when in true dwarven fashion he tries to go for the gold first.

The sword Mirthuvial has not been stolen though, and some magic left it half buried in the stone of the Stalagmite, like an Excalibur waiting for its Arthur!

Bjarni becomes the sword bearer, and Khelb’s Spirit demands the retrieval of the stolen Crown Couleuvrine on peril of disturbing the Balance.

On their way back to the surface, thre group investigate some room thay have bypassed on the way down. Perrin the halfling is killed, and his body left behind as the group precipitously leave the dangerous place.

After coming back to the surface, trouble awaits in Khelb as other militia have been attacked and killed during the night, while the adventurers where chasing raiders down below. Furthermore, Bjarni’s aunt has been nowhere to be found. Patrolling the village, while Grat takes a “much needed night of sleep” in a hay barn, the adventurers meet Bjarni’s aunt, and she lead them straight into an ambush in the middle of the night. Fight ensues, and goblins are killed, while others flee. The aunt is rescued, and she was the unwilling pawn of the Barghest evil domination powers…

Varroon, Bjarni, Fulgrum, Grat, Lokius, Malaggar

Regrouping and hunting the goblins, the party then find out that a barghest, a creature half wolf half goblin, of unknown origin is behing the attacks, harassing the village. The adventurer defeat the menace, with the help of Malaggar, a Drow that has fled the underdark, and has chosen to live in cavern around Khelb, helping a mushroom grower’s family.

But in Khelb, words have spread up until Silverymoon of the discovery of the Tomb of Khelb’s. Militia from Silverymoon come to investigate. Protecting the information regarding the magical sword they found, the group manages to keep a low profile, at least toward the general populace.

The village’s council is fully informed, and worries about the consequences of this discovery on their trade, and the quietness of the village itself. For decades, Khelb has grown to be a major food supplier for Silverymoon, without suffering much of the dangers that the region of Silver Marches is known for. Some are saying the Balance of Khelb was the protection, and it may now be gone…

With the Drow Malaggar befriended, and joining the group, the party heads back to Silverymoon to do some research. They do lose track of Leera though, who apparently chose to disappear and head to Silverymoon. Her story was that she has been involved in the raiding party through her boyfriend (found dead int he tomb), and did not realize she was going to work for a sinister man named Xeron, who had a full raiding party organized to enter the tomb. Leera was left for dead when she fell in a trap that she failed to detect, but the party found her and healed her, getting some information on the raiding party in the process.


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